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Stroke of Luck

When we were searching for a home 10 months ago, we made an offer on a great home in East Sac. At the time, that house seemed to have it all – updated kitchen, decent size, single story, a 2-car garage, and a nice street. We were in over our heads with our offer by at least $60k, but when you want a house badly, are racing against the clock (we had one month to be out of our Loomis home), and you know you’ve got competition, the extra $60k didn’t even make us flinch. We were outbid. Sometimes, not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Three weeks later, we made an offer on a home in Land Park. The house checked almost all the same boxes, minus the updated kitchen, and it added other criteria that were not on our radar – a nice layout, a quiet street, and proximity to a park. Our home was on the market for less than 7 days by the time the seller received multiple offers and made the choice to accept ours. Timing is everything – if it’s meant to happen, it will, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Every single day since we moved in to our home, I have felt so lucky to be in this neighborhood. If Luis Armstrong’s song “What a Wonderful World” had a backdrop, it would be Land Park. The beautiful trees, unique homes, vastness of William Land Park and Golf Course, sense of community, great people, walk-ability, run-ability (Lynea), skateboard-ability (Bill), beach cruise-ability (Bill/Lynea/Dolly/Riva), and proximity to things we love (Dad’s Kitchen, Riverside Clubhouse, Marie’s Donuts, downtown, midtown) have been a huge gift. Our love for the neighborhood was reinforced yesterday, on the 4th of July as we celebrated with hundreds of other residents in the annual parade. Generous neighbors hosted with all the things - music, refreshments, donuts, cookies, ping pong, and cornhole while we watched the kids race around the street in their decorated bikes and scooters. To all the neighbors who made this event happen, and to the little girl who sang an impressive version of our National Anthem – Thank You! It truly is A Wonderful World.

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