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Seas the Day

Do you ever make time for you? As in, allow yourself a few hours or a full day to do whatever it is that brings you joy, peace, space, and time to think? I spent about 6 hrs last Thursday doing just that. Just me (this is Lynea writing, by the way), Dolly, and car full of dog necessities like a water bowl and one of those orange dog balls that so many dogs are obsessed with (which we ultimately donated in our last minute on the beach to a chocolate lab with an equal obsession).

Rodeo Beach is a 90-minute drive from Sacramento (without traffic). It's foggy, cold, breezy, a haven to about a dozen morning surfers (with whom Dolly was infatuated), and incredibly peaceful on a weekday. The smell of the salty air, the cool ocean breeze, the sound of the crashing waves, and most importantly, the sight of the vast ocean was GLORIUS. Taking it all in, a new perspective is gained in only a few deep inhales. I am lost in the awe of the enormity of the ocean and in the smallness of me.

Staring into the ocean brings on a sense of calm, ease and somehow a deep feeling of connectedness to all things. Luckily, these feelings are not lost immediately when stepping back into the city. Not immediately, but they do fade over time. Which is exactly why I'm planning a day away, every month, over the next 3 months. Next stop - Lake Tahoe's Sand Harbor.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for good stopping points...I'm always on the lookout for a lunch spot close to the beach and a park at the halfway point for Dolly. Cheers, friends!

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1 Comment

Bill Phipps
Bill Phipps
May 24, 2023

Glad you and Dolly had a great day at the beach!

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