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Doggy Love

If you’re reading this, you might be one of the 45% of households with a dog. For those of us who love dogs, the thought of living without one sounds completely boring and dull. For those without a dog, maybe you’re too busy or too orderly to invite a fuzzy creature into your life. Let’s be real, getting a dog comes at a great cost. It costs money, time, and a great deal of sadness in the end when they leave us way too soon. Putting Baxter down last week was one of the saddest experiences for us. It literally feels like heartbreak that, for me, involved a super ugly cry and days of that throat tightening & tear situation. So why do we do it? Because, as all dog lovers know, the upside of dog ownership gives us an infinite amount of love.

Baxter was a Yorkie, a 6-pound pinball packed with personality, character, and the strangest combination of an F-you attitude mixed with so much sweetness. He was devious, intuitive, and at times, completely maddening. Anyone who has ever owned a Yorkie knows exactly what I am talking about. They are everywhere and every minute in the house involves them. “Where is he?” “What did he do?!” “He is so funny/neurotic/cute/sweet/crazy.” There was never a dull moment with Baxter around. Now that he’s gone, the silence in the house drives me crazier than he ever did. He was a best friend to Bill, Dolly and me.

This best friend certainly can’t be replaced but I know we’ll get another dog someday. And the cycle will continue. Every dog-human relationship brings unconditional love…and that, my friends, is the quintessence of life. Cheers to you and all your furry friends out there!

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